Vianney le Masne | Lead UI/UX Designer
Designed and iterated by Vianney

Kantar Donate Mate

I facilitated workshops at Kantar World Panel to help an internal team develop a charity app. I delivered all digitised assets.

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The Challenge

Much of Kantar Worldpanel data comes for users, or customers in this case, scanning their receipts for a small price to help the panelist gather essential data for brands and companies around the world. Despite its broad installed base, too often consumers can forget to scan or simply grow bored if it. The employees I met believed there had to be better and new ways to encourage people to engage with Kantar and had developed the broad strokes of an idea: encourage people to scan their receipts by linking them to charity donations.


My role

I facilitated this workshop for a team of 5 employees, coming from all backgrounds in the company. I was the sole individual responsible for leading them towards a working User Experience and I personally created the deliverables that you will see in this case study, including visual design.




Understanding the research and building on it

I began by diving into the research done by the team prior to the workshop (personas, interviews). In this short amount of time, the priority was to ask as many questions as possible and look at the data both in critical way and a positive way to hold the deadline. Although everyone in the team agreed around the general concept, any thing deeper was often interpreted differently. During this time, I had them note every thing we found relevant to our goal. We then prioritised all of these.


Feature priorisation using MoSCoW method



Throughout the workshop, I collected photos, sketches and advancement to help the team justify some of the design decisions they had arrived to.

From our sketches done together I was then able to digitise them

Design & Prototype


User flow

Once we had a solid direction, we went on to develop the user flow for the app.



Sketches and Iterations

Through several design studios, we collaborated to select what worked best for the prototype. We shared thoughts while always staying focused on the necessity for a user-centred design.

Test, Iterate and Deliver

Further testing

In such a short amount of time, the goal was for the team to test the prototype to further enhance the iterations we had started making.

True Impact

It was extremely rewarding to work with people who had a passion to give a meaning to what they were doing. The team was delighted to see just how much they could achieve using design thinking and applying user-centred methods.