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9to5Mac: Designer imagines the borderless experience an OLED display + Dark Mode could create w/ iPhone 8

"Now, designer Vianney le Masne has imagined what the combination of a Dark Mode, OLED display, and bezel-less design could mean for app developers and designers…"

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This iOS 11 mockup running on the iPhone 8 is blowing my mind June 2017

While iOS 11 mockups are certainly a dime a dozen these days, le Masne’s effort was so elegant and thoughtfully designed that it easily stood out from the rest of the pack.""

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BGR: This is easily the most stunning iPhone 8 concept so far.

In turn, le Masne writes that if app developers don’t retool their apps and push their displayed content out to the outer edges of the device, the result will be an antiquated UI that will serve as an “unnecessary way of taking [users] out of the experience, even for a microsecond.”

We’ve seen some great iOS 11 and iPhone 8 concepts before, but Masne’s work here is perhaps the most intriguing we’ve seen yet.

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AppAdvice: A New "iPhone 8" Mockup Shows Dark Mode on an OLED Display

"As a non-designer, I never really thought about how a change from LCD to an OLED display could effect colors on an iPhone, especial black. After seeing this mockup, I’m even more excited about seeing this year’s handset."

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Check out my interview in The Digital Stories (Hungarian) about how iPhone concepts are born". My answers in English:

"I just like to connect the dots. Apple, unlike any other manufacturer, designs with intent and with a long term vision."

"In the case of my dark mode + OLED piece I was motivated to write it because I had been thinking about the idea for a couple a months, pretty sure that someone would write about it sooner than later. After seeing that no one still had, I wanted to give my take on it and hopefully inspire people."

"In what I think is true Apple fashion, my mock ups tend to blur the line between software and hardware to show users what technology has best to offer in the near future."